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Game News
Welcome to Oblivion !

Please check out the Members section for the About Oblivion and Guild Ranks topic.
Also, There are sign ups for the Raid team and PvP team in the appropriate Forum.

More to come as we progress into the game.

Please make sure to keep the forums PG-13 ok? thanks guys!
Guild News

Oblivion ranked #2 on Dimroot !

Lusharch, Apr 8, 11 9:16 AM.

Check out Oblivion's World firsts, Shard firsts etc... you can even view your rankings.  Just search for your name :)

Guild News #1

Grizzy02, Mar 5, 11 3:04 PM.
Ok all...

We are getting quite a few new 50's every couple days. 
Things to work on:
1.  Gear.  Run AP or CC to get out of some of your green gear.  Can also start running Expert dungeons although probably a good idea to have a few Blue items before hand. 
2. Crafting.  We have a few people that have Maxed crafting skills already.   If you need something made, ask in guild to see if anyone has it.
3. Puzzles - chance to get epic loot.   There is a post on the forums for finding them and solving them.   Hopefully you didn't do them at a low lvl.. 
4.  Get to know other guild members.  Try to run dungeons with guild members.   By doing this, we can build a team of people that know each other for raiding end game content.  
5.  Send Lush monies !!!!    J/k   :)    Farming for mats for any craft still generally can make good money.   Money can buy Runes or better gear.. or a nice fast mechanical horse...  etc..
6.  Farm Rep - Rep quartermasters have some nice loot to buy if you have the Reputation to get them.   A couple I know of are in Zareph's Return in Stillmore (Mathois rep?) and Wyrmbane Outpost?  in Shimmering Sands (Dragonslayer rep?)  and Icewatch Rep in Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak.   There are more.. i just haven't found them all yet :)

I'd also like to Welcome all our new members.   We did just merge Flawed Logic into our guild.  A big welcome to them :)

Leveling and Instances

Lusharch, Mar 4, 11 12:23 PM.
Enjoy the game !   No rush to get to 50.  Take your time and explore and test out any characters you want.   We won't be raiding for a while yet.
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Oblivion is recruiting. We are a mix of PvE and PvP players. Many high lvls and currently are Rank 8 and moving fast. Contact Hephesto to join !
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